Tips for Singing On Stage

When you want to sing, you cannot expect to just walk up on stage and start singing your heart out. It takes a lot of time and effort before you can afford to perform in front of a lot of people and have them pay you for your singing. If you are one of our website visitors who dreams of becoming a superstar, here are some tips for you:


Be confident

You know that you have the talent. A lot of people have commended you and affirmed your skill in singing. And you would not be on stage if it weren’t for your singing prowess. But the thing is you are only a beginner when it comes to singing on stage.

Before you go up, you must take a deep breath and be confident in what you will do. Confidence is something that you unconsciously show on stage. Whether you are trembling or not, your actions and your voice will tell the audience about the level of your confidence.

To make sure that you have confidence, tell yourself these words, “You are talented. You have skills. You can sing. It is okay to feel fear. It is normal. But you must show confidence while performing. You can do it.”
Another way is to imagine the applause coming from the crowd after you sing. Feel free to visualize them as they give you a standing ovation because of your performance.

Work the stage

singingA stage is something that you should not be scared of. It is a material that you can use to your advantage. A stage can be big or small. No matter its size, it can still be used to level up your performance.

If you are singing an upbeat song, you can use the stage as a platform to show your other skills like dancing. If you are singing a ballad, you can still utilize the whole stage by walking from end to end. This allows you to connect to the audience and be more intimate with you in your performance.

Microphone tips

Do not get too close to the speakers. It will give the audience irritating feedback. Then, make sure to move the microphone according to the loudness of your voice. For soft parts of the song, you can put it closer to your mouth. But on the high tones, you can pull your microphone to a safe distance.

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